About us

Meet Satemwa…

Every cup of Satemwa tea is infused with the passion of three generations and the tranquility of a magical place.

Our grandfather, Maclean Kay, planted Satemwa’s first tea bushes in 1923, and our family has been nurturing new tea varieties and crafting new blends ever since. The estate is located on the slopes of the beautiful Thyolo mountain, lush green all year round with hot tropical sun and cool monsoon rain.

Satemwa employs more than 2000 local workers whom we provide with education and health services to help raise their standard of living. Wildlife corridors- strips of forest in between the fields – are home to an array of birds and animals with whom we hope to share Satemwa for many generations to come.

Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ certified. We practice sustainable agriculture and never ever use pesticides.

Read more about us and take a look at beautiful Satemwa: www.satemwa.com